Thursday, April 27, 2006

Marley & Me

John Grogan, the author of "Marley & Me," was at our local independent bookstore yesterday. I had to stop by. I listened to this book while I drive to my friend Maya's baby shower. It made me alternately laugh and cry out loud. It's truly a book for anyone who has ever loved a pet.

He was a great speaker and lots of people brought in their dogs to meet him. I really enjoyed it.

A few years ago, I started collecting first editions/signed editions of books on a small scale. I won't get the book unless it's something I'll read. Overall, I have about a thousand books but only a hand full are these special editions. Still, it's fun to thumb through them. And, who knows, maybe they will be worth something someday. I have added my signed John Grogan to the group.



Genevieve said...

oh, I have heard of this book but I haven't read it... should I add it to my to-be-read list?

Malady said...

I listened to it on CD which may have been a different experience but it really touched me. It was heartwarming. So you have to be in the mood for that kind of story. (and I cried so much at the end I almost drove off the road!!!)