Monday, July 24, 2006

Forever Young

One of Gary's good friends passed away yesterday very unexpectedly. R.G. was only 39 years old and left behind his wife, a three-year old son and a three-WEEK old baby. He had a massive heart attack yesterday morning.

When people talk about R.G., they invariably say how kind and friendly he was. And "generous to a fault." I only had the opportunity to meet him twice. The first time was at a Heather Combs concert. He was just so easy-going and friendly. He immediately took me aside as if we were old friends and jokingly advised me to get a pre-nup if Gary and I got married. The second time I met R.G. was at one of the restaurants he was a partner in. You could tell he was just so happy to have his friends there and to be able to entertain them and give them a good time. He bought me a cucumber martini.

I know R.G. meant a great deal to Gary and to so many people. An article about him ran on the front page of the Business section of the local paper today. While I was reading the news story, the song "Forever Young" by Alphavilla came on. It seemed so fitting. R.G. was a man who truly enjoyed life and tried to live it to its fullest. He made every moment of his short life count. And those who are left behind will have the difficult task of going on without his warm and generous presence.

My prayers go out to his family and friends and the many people whose lives he touched.


Genevieve said...

that's so sad. tell Gary I'm sorry for his loss.

gatsbyanddaisy said...

Oh, that's so horrible! Did R.G. look sick at your wedding?

Malady said...

R.G. could not come to the wedding because his son was born that day.