Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Librarian

Okay, this is really embarrassing to reveal...but I have really been enjoying the cheesy reality show "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" It is so silly but so fun. And I find it laugh-out-loud funny. I have become enamored of Major Victory with his catchphrase "Be a winner, not a wiener." He really hams it up. And I love seeing how the superhero wannabes respond to the various challenges. And, when they fail, they must put their costumes into a trashcan to be incinerated by a lightning bolt. Cheesy good fun!

I told Gary that if I were on the show, I would be the Librarian. (or...the Bibliophile) My superpower would be to have the ability to recommend a book for any occasion or need. I would carry information on the Dewey Decimal System with me as well as some paper and a pen to write down recommendations. It would be all about access to information! And, instead of going from a "Clark Kent" secret identity to a spandex suit with a cape, I would go from normal street clothes to a skirt suit and heels with my hair in a french twist and glasses. Woo hoo!

I told Gary he could be Dictionary Man. He would carry a small dictionary on his utility belt along with a magnifying glass for seeing the small words. A word for every occasion!

What superhero would you be?


Ellen said...

The Urinator.

I can pee, wash my hands and get out of the bathroom faster than any other woman alive.

Genevieve said...

Grammar Girl. Striking down misused apostrophes in a single blow.

I would seriously love this gig.

Malady said...

jxwpbkuI love it! I see Ellen armed with toilet-seat covers and Vieve armed with a big red pencil.

Ellen--perhaps you next book could be about the next group of Mystery Men? Or women? The Librarian, the Urinator and Grammar Girl are out to save the world!

DDK23 said...

TOTALLY LOVE THIS SHOW. It is so stupid its funny. I can't think of who I would be. However on their webpage you can make up a superhero. My husband is so funny, he is color-blind so he made up the "Color Challanger", and his cosutme was all mismatched. Great show!