Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Life Band

Today in church we were visited by the New Life Band from Tanzania. They performed all of the music at our worship service and told us about their ministry in Tanzania. They are working to build a vocational school and hostel and are almost finished. We learned so many things this morning! Most people in Tanzania are lucky to make the equivalent of $1/day. The cost of a visit to the hospital to have a baby is only $10 but most people can't get that kind of many together. Primary school is now required there and the children have a great thirst for learning. 60% fo the children qualify to attend secondary school. However, only one third are able to go because it costs $250/year for a student to go. That doesn't seem like much to us but it is a great deal of money to these people. It's amazing to think how little of our money could make such a big difference there.

When they finish their hostel, they have invited us to come and visit and see the work first-hand. I would love to do that. It sounds amazing. It isn't just about religion. They are working to educate their future leaders and workers. And they want to teach them life skills as well such as education about AIDS. We were blown away by the music and the ministry.

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