Thursday, October 05, 2006

NPR Junkie

Okay, I confess. I love NPR. Now that I have a small commute to work, I have the opportunity to listen to it going and coming. Sometimes, I am so engrossed in a story that I don't want to get out of the car. It seems that I always learn something new.

They have a series called "Perspectives" where people comment on various issues. Today, someone talked about Rep. Foley. The person was a Democrat and she talked about how people shouldn't assume that Foley was going into rehab as a typical celebrity reaction to scandal. She pointed out that Foley probably wakes up each morning thinking "I want to die" and then faces the day in rehab supported by people who have similar problems. I think that is a good point. One of the greatest tragedies of this whole episode is that it will give certain conservatives more ammo against gay people. And that's terrible. But I hope taht some good can come out of this. That we learn something from it. And that Rep. Foley gets the help he needs.

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