Thursday, September 27, 2007

Angie on Global Education

I have always been a big fan of Angelina Jolie. We are the same age (a month apart) and I really appreciate her passion about adoption and refugee work. I think that for a long time she was a lost soul. Maybe she still is in some ways. And I think that, like the rest of us, she's made some mistakes. She tends to be a little reckless with her heart. But I think she is a very driven person who is totally committed to her family and her humanitarian work. And in a very believable way. I got this video from Just Jared and it shows her speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative yesterday. I dare you not to get teary-eyed.

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Bookfool said...

I think she was a tortured soul and still has some issues (her mother's death, apparently) but she's gone through such a huge, deliberate metamorphosis. It's really pretty amazing that someone who was such a mess has managed to become a mother of 4 and humanitarian and turn her life so completely around in such a short time span. Personal opinion.