Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another Loss

I'm sure many of you have heard about the recent shootings in Colorado. An angry young man shot people at a church and a Christian ministry. Of course, we will never understand why he did such a thing. It is just so horrible. But today I discovered an added dimension to the tragedy. My friend and former co-worker e-mailed me and told me that two of the girls who were murdered are former library patrons of ours. I remember the family well. They were regulars at our little branch library. We would see them often and all four girls were always so sweet and polite. They were very enthusiastic about reading and had big plans for the future. Now, two of them are dead at ages 18 and 17. I looked at their pictures this morning and thought of all the interactions I had with them at the circulation desk over my years at the public library. I thought of how they would take home large stacks of books and how they were always pursuing new interests. I think when you work in a public service capacity, you watch people come in and out of your life and you take for granted that you will continue to see them. That life will go on as usual. It's hard to grasp that the promise of these two girls has been snuffed out so early. Their family is in my thoughts and prayers today.

Read about the tragedy here.


Genevieve said...

that is so sad.

Purl said...

I am so sorry. You have had a rough fall.