Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Boogie Woogie Christmas

Gary and I went to the Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas show last night. It was so great! This is the second time I have seen it and I highly recommend it. I have decided that I really like Rockabilly. It's the perfect blend of rock and country. And just so much fun!!! A really terrific band called the Detonators opened the show. Gary tried to go buy one of their CDs but there was a mob of people. We'll have to order it online. Brian Setzer played lots of holiday favorites and a bunch of great Stray Cats stuff. It was a rockin' good time!


Genevieve said...

glad you had fun!

Gary said...

I have no doubt it was an awesome show. Rockabilly is amazing in live settings.

I'm sure there's lots of great underground stuff (I'm assuming The Detonators are among them - what a cool name for a band!). It would be interesting to plug it into Pandora and see what comes up.

Fun Christmas times!