Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bringing Cosmos Back!

I was an ardent fan of SEX AND THE CITY. I still am. And I have been waiting for something to fill the void that it left behind when it left the air for good. Now, there are two contenders.

I have watched two episodes of CASHMERE MAFIA so far and it's not bad. It has lots of the creative people from SEX AND THE CITY attached to it which bodes well. The other contender is LIPSTICK JUNGLE which hasn't aired yet.

There is a cool little site called House Party where you get to sign up to host different parties that showcase products. It isn't a sales thing like Tupperware. More of a "get the word out" thing. I was chosen to host a LIPSTICK JUNGLE party and I'm so excited! I get a sneak preview DVD of the show to play at the party along with free Mabelline products to give away. I'm so excited! What could be more fun than having your buddies over for some chick tv and free makeup products. And wine, of course. Although, I'll have to stick to sparkling water or cider.


Gary said...

Now that will be a fun night! That site sounds interesting. I'll check it out.

Genevieve said...

that's a pretty cool thing you get to do!