Saturday, January 05, 2008

My 2008 Year in Books

1. Love, Lies and Liquor --Beaton
2. Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers --Braun
3. Night --Wiesel
4. Mephisto Club --Gerritsen
5. Aeneid --Fagles translation
6. Labyrinth --Mosse
7. Suite Francaise --Nemirovsky
8. Echo Maker --Powers
9. Birth House --McKay
10. When Madeleine Was Young --Hamilton
11. What Came Before He Shot Her --George
12. Absurdistan --Shteyngart
13. Book Thief --Zusak
14. Terror --Simmons
15. Arlington Park --Cusk
16. Light of Evening -O'Brien
17. Last Empress --Min
18. Grotesque --Kirino
19. Heart-Shaped Box --Hill
20. Other Boleyn Girl --Gregory
21. Famous Writers School --Carter
22. Lover of Unreason --Koren
23. 24 Karat Kids --Goldstein
24. Camel Bookmobile --Hamilton
25. Angelica --Phillips
26. Witch of Portobello --Coelho
27. Finn --Clinch
28. What is the What --Eggers
29. Helpless --Gowdy
30. Quaker Summer --Samson
31. Infidelity Pact --Karasyov
32. Little Pink Slips --Koslow
33. Saturday --McEwan
34. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows --Rowling
35. Kite Runner --Hosseini
36. Dedication --McLaughlin
37. Ines of My Soul --Allende
38. New England White --Carter
39. Memory Keeper's Daughter --Edwards
40. Family Baggage --McInerney
41. Stardust --Gaiman
42. Ghostwalk --Stott
43. Double Bind --Bohjalian
44. Thousand Splendid Suns --Hosseini
45. Broken Shore --Temple
46. Art Thief --Charney
47. Scandal of the Season --Gee
48. Boleyn Inheritance --Gregory
49. Witch's Trinity --Mailman
50. Reincarnationist --Rose
51. Kissing Christmas Goodbye --Beaton
52. Abstinence Teacher --Perrotta
53. Interred with Their Bones --Carrell
54. Bridge of Sighs --Russo
55. Almost Moon -Sebold
56. Cleft --Lessing
57. Road --McCarthy
58. Peony in Love --See

I try to read fairly meaty books so I'm not always the fastest reader. I try to average a book a week. I don't think I read anything utterly repellent this year. My favorite book this year was QUAKER SUMMER. It really spoke to me for some reason. I also really enjoyed both of Hosseini's books. I can't wait to see what books the new year will bring!

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Gary said...

That's quite a list. It would take me a year (at least) to read The Aeneid alone!