Thursday, September 04, 2008

For What It's Worth

WARNING: Political Blather Ahead

It's no secret that I am a Democrat. And boy do I have election fever!!! I really enjoyed the Democratic convention. It got me fired up. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I have a candidate I can believe in. I wasn't crazy about Kerry but I think Obama could be really great.

Now, I am watching the Republican convention because it is important to be informed. I was looking to Palin's speech because I wanted to get a sense of who she is and what her plans and vision for the nation are. Well, I didn't get that. She is attractive and articulate but her speech was more of a pep rally speech. It got everyone fired up without having any substance. I have no idea where she really stands on issues or what her platform is. All I learned was that she is for drilling in Alaska which CONTINUES our dependence on oil. I also learned about her sweet Down's Syndrome baby and I hope she WOULD have a greater influence on funding for families of special needs children because Republicans don't have a good track record there. They tend to CUT funding for services like that. And then, she flat out lied. She was a PROPONENT of the infamous "bridge to nowhere." The woman is no more qualified to be VP of the United States than Bush was qualified to be President.

I understand that not everyone likes Obama. Okay, that's fine. But how can you be for McCain-Palin? If you have enjoyed the last eight years, then by all means vote for the McCain-Palin ticket. Because you'll be getting more of the same.

End of rant.


Genevieve said...

she is also a supporter of abstinence-only education... see how well that worked?

Amy said...

Good one, Vieve!!!

Gary said...

I agree. Palin appears to have been a fairly successful fundraiser during her Alaskan tenure (something I admire now that I now firsthand how difficult fundraising is), but she sounds like a soccer mom when she speaks. The soccer mom stereotype generally embraces modern Republican values, so maybe that's partly why she was nominated(?) I don't know, she seems awfully inexperienced.

Hell, given how Bush and Palin have been catapulted to the top offices, maybe I should run for office: Arvada city council for two years, and then US Vice President - maybe even President!

We're going to have either a black president or a woman vice president - wow, I was starting to think I would never see it in my lifetime.

Purl said...

Great entry! I have been so angry about her, and I am sick and tired of her using her children as political props.

Kris said...

You go girl! I totally agree with you.

Must I also mention that she has made "inquiries" as to how to ban books? Do we really want a VP who would do something like that?