Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Virtual Sample Sales

I love to shop. For other people. If I could be a professional shopper and help people to buy gifts for their friends and loved ones, I would. I especially enjoy sample sales but the closest ones are usually forty miles away. That can be tough. So...I have become very interested in the new trend of online sample sales. Most of them are invitation only, however. I am a member of three and I've found some great deals. But you have to be quick!!!

1. Ideeli usually lists one item per day. You can pay to be one of the first people to access the item but I usually wait for the free opening.

2. Ruelala gives you sneak previews and I try to be on time when I see something I want because they sell out fast!

3. The new kid on the block is the Mini Social. This one has items for kids. I found Baby some really cute clothes at the latest offering.

4. A reader recommended HauteLook which has great stuff!

5. I just found Gilt Group which has lots of high-end designers.

If you would like an invite to any of these sample sales, just e-mail me at
bibanon1[at] and I'll send you one.

Watch out, though. It can be addictive!!!!


Melanie said...

There's another one that is really great that I am a member of called You don't need an invitation, anyone can join. They are having a sample sale for Decades Two vintage collection tomorrow. I'm so excited for this one!

Amy said...

Thanks for the tip, Melanie!! That one looks good too!!!

Genevieve said...

oh, me! can you send me invites please? (even for the kids one... you never know who might need presents.)


Brittany said...

Check out too! They are having a fabulous Andrew Marc Sale this week, and theyve had sales for marc jacobs, gucci, and fendi eyewear - really good prices - Invitation code is TOPBUTTON!