Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day

I spent yesterday reflecting on two things: my own labor day five weeks ago and my return to work. May 18 seems like a LOONNNGGG time ago. I can't believe my baby is almost four months old. I am so blessed that I got to have the time off to spend with him. But I am really sad to have to leave him behind to go to work today. I have a good job with great benefits and I work with really nice people. I'd love to only work part-time however. Being a full-time working mom is going to be really really hard. I am lucky to have my mom nearby to help take care of the baby.

I had a nice weekend. Princess Genevieve came to visit which was fun. I haven't seen her in about two years. I have been doing pretty well with my book-reading and movie-watching. Last movie seen: BOTTLE SHOCK. (I recommend it!) Last book read: MORE THAN IT HURTS YOU. (Not crazy about it...reads like a Patterson "ripped from the headlines" book) Now that I'm back to work, I'll try to blog more often. Hope you are all well!!!

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