Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Lilian Jackson Braun Dies at 97

"Lilian Jackson Braun, who wrotes 29 “The Cat Who…” mysteries died on Saturday in South Carolina. She was 97. Her husband told the local newspaper that her one regret was that she was unable to finish her last novel, The Cat Who Smelled Smoke."   (Early Word)

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I have been reading Braun's CAT WHO...series since I was a teenager. I was attracted to the series because it combined my love of mysteries and cats.  The mysteries themselves weren't that great. They were cozy mysteries that were fairly obvious to figure out.  However, the characters Braun created were wonderful.  I dreamed of moving to a place like Moose County and befriending a man like James Qwilleran who lived in a fantastic barn with great acoustics and loved the finer things in life.

Braun published new books in this series at the beginning of each year like clockwork. When the most recent book, THE CAT WHO SMELLED SMOKE, failed to appear, I worried that we had reached the end.

Indeed we have.

Thank you to Lilian Jackson Braun...

the Author who....

Happy Trails.

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