Thursday, June 09, 2011

THE SISTERS BROTHERS by Patrick Dewitt and a ***GIVEAWAY***

I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher.

I was immediately drawn to this book by the graphic colors and clever imagery of the cover.  After reading the book, I was truck at how well the cover really does represent the story.  This quirky western with a twist features a pair of guns-for-hire brothers named Eli and Charlie Sisters.  The Sisters Brothers have been working as hit men for "the Commodore" for years but Eli is starting to experience some existential angst over his place in the world.  As the brother make their way to San Francisco on a job to kill inventor/prospector Herman Warm, they encounter a cast of eccentric characters and a number of adventures.  Eli narrates the book and questions what he really wants out of life and whether he can continue in this line of work. There are several funny moments throughout the story that reveal the complexity of Eli's character such as his fondness for tooth-brushing and his inexplicable fondness and loyalty to his nag of horse.  DeWitt does a great job taking the Sisters Brothers from generic Old West killers to complicated men who may have been forced into the lives they lead by a series of unfortunate events.  Money flows in and out of their hands so quickly that they never seem to be able to choose any other path. It remains to be seen whether the Warm job will be their last.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a great twist on the traditional Western and I really loved Eli's character.  He was so introspective while also being driven by dark violent impulses. The comic moments kept the story going and the reader can't help but enjoy being carried along on the journey as the brothers make their way to California.  I was truly interested to see how the job would turn out and what choices Eli would make in the end.

BOTTOM LINE: Recommended. A clever quick read and a fun and interesting take on the traditional Western.
Want to win a beautiful limited edition letterpress poster of this book cover?
(I really should have put on makeup)

I was so excited when I was sent this lovely letterpress poster of the cover. Even if you don't care to read the book, I love the graphic design of the cover and the double image.  I think it will look great in my office. Plus, letterpress always makes everything look fantastic.  Each 12" x 18" poster is signed and numbered.  To win your own limited edition poster, leave a comment with your details. I'll draw a winner the evening of Sunday, June 26.


Anonymous said...

Skye Carlson

Letterpress ho!

Gary said...

Sweet! Please throw my name into the hat. And who said you need makeup...?

Monique said...

How cool is that! Fingers crossed.....

Gregg said...

What's a poster?

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Amy, glad u enjoyed this one. The poster is very cool.

Kevin S. said...

Great review of a great book! I'm a HUGE Western novel and film fan, and this is on it's way to become a classic in the vein of Elmore Leonard's Westerns.

I don't know how Mr. DeWitt would feel about it, but I see a film adaptation coming soon. May be Brad Pitt as Charlie...Eli would be tougher to cast. A slightly chubby Matt Damon perhaps?

Anyway, you usually can't judge a book by it's cover, buy you can here! Love the art of it...would look great framed in my media room!

Kevin S. said...

Oh, yeah!

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Nikella said...

Oh, I love this! Keeping my fingers crossed!