Monday, August 09, 2004

I have been out of contact with Gary since Thursday and it is making me feel out of sorts. But I know he's having a great time at his Reggaefest. Hopefully, we'll talk tonight.

It was a very long and painful weekend. Work was awful on Saturday so I decided to head out with my friends Anna and Amy for a Girls' Night Out. We haven't done that in a long time and it was a very eventful evening. I don't consider myself a wild girl. I'm mostly a homebody but I do like to go downtown occasionally. We started out at a new lounge called Tryst which was quite nice. Anna and I indulged in a special Van Gogh martini that tasted like chocolate and strawberries. For the grand opening event, we were promised $2 parking in the garage so we brought just enough money for that. Well, we got to the booth and the parking attendant had never hear of that. I was cowering in the backseat while Amy and Anna argued with the guy. He ended up calling the police on us! Anna went to complain to the manager of Tryst and he straightened things out. But what a mess! We then headed to our old standby, Red Square, for some vodka. Our favorite waiter, Pasha, was as demonstrative as ever but really crossed the line when he gave Anna a bigger kiss than necessary. Anna really wanted to go dancing so we then headed to Alley Cat. Anna was her old self and confidently lead us through the VIP entrance. No one questioned us and we ended up going VIP for the entire evening. We hung out with a bachelor party that was there and Anna and I ended up dancing on the stage. (which is not something I typically do) I spent a long time talking with a 24-yr-old cynic who is a campaign manager for a local Democrat. And I thought that I was jaded. Whew! It was a fine night but not something you do every weekend. It's nice to know we still can, though. I love being out with my girls. It almost got my mind off Gary. I look forward to hearing about all of his adventures tonight.

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