Friday, August 27, 2004

So, I watched the movie "Hidalgo" last night which was pretty good. Besides the fact that Viggo Mortensen is so nice to look at. He's the thinking woman's sex symbol. It was a bit slow in parts but I enjoyed it overall. There is just something about those underdog movies. And rooting for the underdog can be fun in real life too. We love the stories where the underdog achieves against all odds. Look at "Seabiscuit" and "Miracle." Maybe that's why I'm not interested in the Olympics anymore. You don't see as many "triumph of the human spirit" stories. The United States dominates since so many pros can compete and steroids and other drugs infiltrate the process. There just isn't as much excitement anymore. We don't really have to fight to come from behind. Is it really as meaningful if it comes easy?


Genevieve said...

I've decided the US dominates the Olympics (at least the sports we see -- we don't win at field hockey, and notice that's never on regular NBC) because we a. have more money to invest in training than other countries and b. American parents place an emphasis on having well-rounded children that other countries don't. So more American children are exposed to sports at a younger age and have time to develope into Olympic athletes. I understand your point about the underdog, but I think there's also something good about rewarding those who work hard, even if they were the favorite. (I'm not saying reward those who use illegal drugs, but you know, not all favorites got there because of drugs)

The Budget Babe said...

you are so right about viggo. have you read his latest book, "I Forget You For Ever"? (from his publishing co., Perceval Press.) im looking for a review i can trust before i buy it :)