Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Sigh. I'm at work and just received the most beautiful flowers. I was grumpily stomping around the library looking for missing books when my co-workers called me up to the circulation desk with big grins on their faces. A beautiful flower arrangement with a big sunflower was waiting for me there. I nearly passed out. Gary sent them to me just to let me know he's thinking of me. And now I can't stop smiling. My co-workers keep teasing me but I just blush and smile. I'm such a lucky girl. I'm leaving them at the circulation desk so that I can see them all day.

I've never been one for flashy gifts. The things that move me the most are the little gifts given for no particular reason. A random card or letter in the mail can keep me on Cloud Nine for days. A small token or handmade gift sends me over the moon. And I especially love flowers.

I am going to resist the urge to just sit here and gush over how great Gary is. Instead, I'm going to go look at my lovely flowers again. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

I think you should gush at great length.

Malady said...

Hmmm. I thought you weren't going to be reading my blog anymore, Gary. I mean, Anonymous.

Genevieve said...

You are a lucky girl!