Monday, September 13, 2004

So, I've been thinking...
In OUT OF AFRICA, Karen says, "When the gods want to punish you, they answer your prayers."

A long time ago, I asked God to send me someone to share my life who I would have lots in common with. He sent me Erik. An only child who liked all the same things I did. But he was never around, didn't understand me and never really loved me.

So, the next time around, after dating a few losers, I asked God to send me someone who appreciated me and was crazy about me. He sent me Nick. A man who made me feel adored and appreciated. But Nick was a workaholic who had very low self-esteem and ended to things to "protect" me. The timing was bad.

So, I dated around again and then decided to get more specific. I asked God for someone who not only loved me but also had time for me. So, I got Bill. Bill cared about me and was always with me but we had nothing in common and nothing to really build upon. Plus, Bill was embarrassed to be seen with me in public although he had plenty of private time for me. Our values and beliefs were completely different and always at odds.

So, I dated around again and decided that I needed to be very specific this time. So, I asked God for someone who was smart, funny, emotionally available, fun to be with, adventurous, kind and generous, passionate, liberal-minded, supportive of my Christianity, and goal-oriented. Someone who would get along with my friends and be willing to go out and do things instead of sit around at home. Someone who would take an interest in the world around him. Someone who would love me for who I really am and not some vision of how they wanted me to be. Someone who would be proud to be with me and who could handle my occasional craziness. And to be sure my message was a good one, I recruited a few friends to pray for me.

And God sent me Gary.

And it was good.

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