Monday, October 25, 2004

So, I spent part of my Sunday yesterday going door to door for the Kerry campaign. It's kind of an interesting experience. You get a little clipboard that lists addresses on it. For each address, the adult voters are listed and it tells you which party they are affiliated with. I'm a pretty shy person so the whole experience was pretty stressful. You never know if you are going to piss people off. Not many people were home but of the ones who were, every one was a Kerry supporter. Including those listed as unaffiliated/undecided. It made me feel very hopeful about the election. I will also be volunteering on election day. It's the big push!

I cancelled my subscriptions to the Denver Post/Rocky Mountain News this morning. They both came out endorsing Bush. But the surprising thing was that the editorials were very negative about Bush. Basically, they spent the whole endorsement saying how bad he is and then they endorsed him! I feel they cannot be fair and balanced. Ever since Reagan got rid of the Fairness in media, our media outlets are controlled by a few. We can't get any real unbiased reporting anymore. I have to read the Guardian online to get any decent news about my own country. How sad is that?

Anyway, I'm feeling more confident than ever that Kerry will win. How anyone can still be a Bush supporter after everything that has come to light about him amazes me. I'm not saying people need to be Kerry supporters. But how can anyone in good conscience vote for Bush? I don't get it. Are they just that ignorant and uninformed? It's really amazing.

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