Monday, October 25, 2004

Well, I cast my vote over my lunch hour. They have been encouraging people to do early voting to be sure your vote actually gets counted. I was so excited I could barely contain myself. I have always been a fast test-taker and from middle school through grad school my professors would always strongly encourage me to double-check my answers. I never did. I never saw the point. Well today I double-checked my ballot FOUR TIMES. I was convinced that while I was looking at the other ballot issues, my Kerry vote would surreptitiously change to a Bush vote. But everything looked fine so I hit the VOTE button and walked over to the table to grab my "I voted" sticker which I will wear proudly all day. The little old lady at the judges' desk smiled at me and said "Good for you, honey." Yes, good for me. Good for Kerry. Good for our country. We shall overcome, baby!

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Genevieve said...

Yay for voting! I voted on Saturday because I am going to be out of town on Nov. 2, campaigning in Philly. Here you can only vote early if you meet special circumstances, like you're old or you'll be away. I was just like you, though, and checked like 900 times that I had actually voted for Kerry.