Thursday, January 06, 2005

I'm sick with a nasty cold but luckily I have some movies to keep me company. I've been on hold for lots of movies at the library for awhile now and they suddenly all came in at once. So far, I've watched the following:

WE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE--I love Mark Ruffalo but this was kind of disappointing. It felt too earnest and cliched.

DE-LOVELY--This was very disappointing. I had high hopes because the actors are great but the framework of the story was intrusive.

KING ARTHUR--What a letdown. I didn't care anything about any of the characters. At least Clive Owen is good eye candy.

DOOR IN THE FLOOR---This was a good movie. Very heartfelt.

ANCHORMAN--I love Will Farrell but this was pretty darn stupid. I had to fastfoward through most of it.

SHAUN OF THE DEAD--Thumbs up! Very cute movie.

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE--Some people hated this movie but I really liked it. It reminded me of "American Movie." Sort of an anti-hero makes good kind of film.

I still have lots more to go. I don't see how all these crazy people that come into the library on a daily basis and check out twenty videos can do it. I get really antzy sitting on the couch and watching t.v. for long periods of time. It makes me feel lazy and bored.

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Genevieve said...

I've seen a few of these movies, too. King Arthur was horrible, except that Kiera Knightly is hot. Door in the Floor was pretty good. And Shaun of the Dead was hilarious. After my screening of Shaun of the Dead, the 2 lead guys (Shaun & Ed) were there answering questions, and they were quite funny.