Thursday, September 22, 2005

So, I got this quiz from a friend that listed 237 different movies. You were supposed to make a mark next to each movie that you had seen. If you had seen more than 70, then you classified as a "movie whore." Well, I had seen 170 out of 237. My friend Greg says that makes me a "movie whoreHOUSE."

I have this new game that I have started playing called "bumper sticker culture." When Gary and I are driving around and we see a car with bumper stickers on it, we try to draw inferences about the owner of the car. Of course, this is stereotyping, but I think you can still be pretty accurate. This is a very bad case of stereotyping but if I see a large SUV with yellow ribbons etc all over it, then I think "Republican Soccer Mom." If I see a Volkswagon Beetle with environmental stickers on it I think "Boulder hippie." It's really quite fun. Some people are more difficult than others. Such as the car that has pro-environment and pro-choice stickers on it but then has a "Re-elect Bush" sticker as well. Hmmm...

Next time you are driving around, try it. It's pretty fun.

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