Wednesday, September 07, 2005

So, my uncle, who is right of conservative, sent me today not one...not two...but FOUR e-mails about how the President is getting a bad rap and he's doing a great job. Steam shot out of my head. But not why you think...

My uncle is the type of person to stick a yellow "Support Our Troops" ribbon on his SUV and be done with it. That, to him, is supporting our troops. There is nothing about sending them care packages or helping them to get home. Just driving around with a yellow ribbon on his car is enough. Just to say, "Hey, what a good patriot am I!"

Now, it appears that his idea of hurricane relief is to send out mass e-mails supporting the President. And it pisses me off. Instead of playing some political game about whose fault this is, why not concentrate on efforts to help the thousands of people and animals affected by this natural disaster? Do I think the President is doing a lousy job? Yes, I do. But then, I thought he did a lousy job with 9/11 too. HOWEVER, if the shoe were on the other foot and a Democrat were in office, the same game would be played. My uncle would be spending all of his time demonstrating how the President IS responsible and IS doing a terrible job. So, I choose not to play this ridiculous blame game.

My mother is a lifelong Democrat and she isn't out with a picket sign complaining about the President. She is out working 8 and 10 hour days at the Red Cross and Humane Society trying to help people. And I think that is an example we can all get behind no matter what side of the political fence we stand on.

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