Friday, September 09, 2005

So, some days I work at the library when it is closed to catch up on some work and I love it. It's quiet and I can listen to NPR while I work. (I love NPR! You can learn so much from it. Especially on Science Fridays) Anyway, today I'm working on delivery and I just saw this CD called "Veggie Rocks!" Now, if you are familiar with VeggieTales you are going to love this. This CD has rockin' reinterpretations of famous VeggieTales song. Like one of my personal favorites, "I Love My Lips!" If you don't listen to the words, they almost sound like rock songs you would hear on the radio.

My friend Frank introduced me to VeggieTales in college and it caught on in our little group. I know it sounds crazy that a bunch of college students sat around watching VeggieTales but, hey, we were a unique group and VeggieTales are pretty great. Anyway, if you are a fan, definitely check out "Veggie Rocks!"


Jason said...

That crazy wife of mine. Well I went to a christian college, and it was quite funny to see all the guys in my dorm get together and go crazy over the veggie tales. The problem was, they weren't in the minority -everybody at the shcool was doing- it was very scary. However, Anna loved the rockin' veggie tales CD.

Some Random Girl said...

Oh where is my hairbrush? Oh where is my hairbrush?

I love jr. asparagus! I watch Veggie Tales all by myself and I LOVE the soundtracks too!

Jonah was a prophet ....Ooo ooo but he really never got it, sad but true!