Tuesday, September 13, 2005

So, the wedding planning continues. This is quite an undertaking as I knew it would be. But I just really want the chance to stand up with Gary in front of God and those dearest to us and make our vows to each other. I like the idea of having witnesses to that. Plus, it includes your loved ones in the whole process. I think we are going to make sure and have a part of the ceremony that asks our guests to make a vow with us. After all, you look to the people in your life to support and encourage you in everything you do, right?

We finally found a photographer and I'm pretty happy about it. If we can just get a florist and, most importantly, an officiant by the end of the year, then I will feel like we are in a good place. The officiant is kind of tough. We both really want an ordained minister but we need a ceremony that will reflect both of our beliefs. I think we can do it. It's just a matter of finding the time to interview all of these people. We found one woman we liked but she wanted $650 and that was just out of the question. There seems to be a real business in this whole officiant thing. Maybe that can be my new job. I'll get ordained online and start performing wedding ceremonies for $500 a pop. Sounds like fun.


Genevieve said...

I actually don't think it's unreasonable to charge people who don't belong to the parish. Also, will you have to do pre-marital classes at the church? probably part of the money would go to that.

Malady said...

Well, first of all, we are not getting married in a church. This woman was a freelance officiant not affiliated with any church. Second of all, most officiants charge around $300 on average. This lady must think she's an officiant superstar or something.

Genevieve said...

hum. well, then, that's weird. I'd stick with the ones who charge a normal amount, but I didn't know what that amount would be.