Thursday, September 01, 2005

So, I'm going to the Children's Hospital tonight for my new and improved storytime. We'll be having a theme for each month with stories and a craft. Tonight, we'll be doing "Reading is Fun!" with books about...books and a then a make-your-own bookmark craft. I hope the kids like it. This is part of my efforts as the Volunteer Opportunities Coordinator for the Board of Directors of the Young Fund. It's going pretty well and I'll be sorry to leave it in January. But I'm sure there will be more opportunities in California.

I leave tomorrow morning for California and I will return Monday night. Gary and I will be meeting with photographers and officiants. Hopefully, we'll be able to find an officiant that we both like. I am most concerned about finding an officiant right now. But I know it will all come together. Gary cleaned out the guest bedroom for me so now I have my own room and I can start organizing and outfitting it. That will be fun. I'm looking forward to starting to create my "nest" in CA. I'll let you know how the visit went when I return. Have a great Labor Day!

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