Thursday, January 05, 2006

Independence Day

Today is my last day at the library. And I'm sad. But it isn't because I will miss this job. I've been pretty unhappy recently. Too many negative changes here. But I've always worked my hardest trying to make this place as good as it can be. And I've enjoyed my time with my co-workers.

I love my co-workers. I have spent countless hours getting together going-away parties and collecting money for parting gifts. Even for people who have only been here six months.

My five years here are not going to be recognized at all. No one even seems to notice this is my last day. And it hurts my feelings more than I realized. I guess it really is time to go.

So long library. It's been an interesting five years.


Genevieve said...

man, I have to say, that sucks. But you have lots of great things on the horizon, so try to think about those instead.

gatsbyanddaisy said...

Kind of sounds like you did those things (parties and gifts) with a string attached - like you wanted/expected something in return.

Malady said...

Hi Gatsby. Thanks for checking in. I know it certainly sounds that way.That's not really it, though. I've always been kind of the office cheerleader. I like doing things for people. I want people to feel appreciated and have their contributions recognized. I remember getting nominated for a staff award a couple of times and it meant a lot to me to be recognized by my co-workers. So, I started making an effort to nominate other people because I felt that was important. I didn't do those things to "get something." I did them because I felt it was important and I enjoyed doing it. It kind of became the office standard to do those kinds of things for people. I don't need a big party or anything. It just made me sad that after five years, no one really seemed to notice that much that I was leaving. I"m not trying to be petty. I guess getting a card or something gives you a kind of closure. But lots of customers and volunteers told me how much they will miss me. And that's nice. I'm ready to move on.