Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Goodbye Old Friend!

The lastest Harry Potter book was delivered to my home by owl on Saturday morning. It was there when I woke up! How lovely!

I read it every chance I got. I even lugged it with me to Starbucks for my weekend coffee breaks with my hubby. I finished it late Sunday.

I'm satisfied with how the series ended. It is really hard to believe that the first one was published in 1997. I had just graduated from college and had moved to Denver to go to graduate school. It was my first time living outside of Texas and far away from my parents.

In the time that Harry Potter has been around (and in my life):

1. I moved to Colorado.
2. My father was killed.
3. I graduated with a Master's degree in anthropology.
4. I bought my first house.
5. I got a cat.
6. I went through several boyfriends and several dating situations.
7. I gained some friends and lost others.
8. I bought a new car.
9. I went through several jobs.
10. I met Gary.
11.I quit my job, sold my house and moved to California.
11.I started a new job.
13.I got married.
14.I watched the Twin Towers fall and another Bush get us into another war.
15.I started blogging.

Amazing. That's a lot of life changes. I think the SOPRANOS may have been with me through most of that as well. And now I have to say goodbye to both.

I hope that another children's book author (maybe even Rowling) will create another series that will spark people's imagination like this one has. It has been so wonderful to see kids get so excited about books!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Farewell, Harry.

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