Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Adam Update

You may remember the little black kitten named Adam that I have been blogging about. He was seriously burned by two teenaged girls who are currently being held in juvenile hall.

The good news is that Adam is doing really well. He had his final skin graft surgery and his new fur is coming in gray and white! Some of his musculature is deformed from burns so his back will be a little deformed and he will have a limp in one of his hind legs but he will be fine. He has an amazing little spirit!

A petition is currently going around to create "Adam's Amendment" which would call for harsher punishment for people convicted of harming an animal. (Michael Vick, anyone?!) If you are interested in signing it or reading more about it, go here.

To see the latest photos of Adam, go here. People are sending him lots of little shirts to wear to protect his back and they are so cute. He has also befriended a chihuahua and another kitten!


Gary said...

I'm really glad to hear Adam is doing well. I like the idea of the petition - I'm going to check it out. I can't stand to hear about the Michael Vick stuff on the news. It's just sickening.

Bookfool said...

Oh, my gosh, he's so cute in his little shirts! Thanks for the update. I'll go check out the petition.