Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This Day in (My) History

On August 7, 1975, my parents arrived at Dallas/Love Field airport to meet a social worker from El Paso. She had a special delivery.

Some people can say that the stork brought them. The plane brought me.

Every year on this date my mother calls me and relates the story of the day my parents got me. Until August 7, I had been living with a foster family. The social worker was afraid I would get cold on the plane so she put me in an undershirt AND a winter sleeper. (this is August in Texas, people) My mom says I was screaming bloody murder, the milk in my bottle had soured and I had really bad diaper rash. (see...even then I didn't like being hot!) The social worker asked for my clothing back since it belonged to the agency. So, my parents stripped me down in the airport and put on my new clothes.

I guess I screamed so loud that a woman in the airport asked my mother, "What's wrong with your baby?!" My mother replied, "I don't know. I just got her!"

It is hard to believe that my mother was 30 when she got me and my dad was my age. Amazing!

My parents made no special requests on the application form. They said they would take the first baby available. The funny thing is, people often tell me I look just like my parents. (except several inches taller) Guess God picked the right baby, huh?
Funny how life works sometimes.


Literary Feline said...

Happy Birthday, Malady! I hope you had a wonderful day.

Bookfool said...

What a wonderful story! I so agree. You were hand-picked for your parents by God.

Bookfool said...

I forgot to tell you - I got a totally cool free pair of sample underwear from Hanes, today, thanks to you. That is probably the niftiest "sample" I've gotten, thus far!

Genevieve said...

happy adoption day!

Malady said...

Thanks everybody!

Bookfool--Glad you got the undies. That is always one of my favorite freebies when it comes up!!

Purl said...

Happy Homecoming Day! I am so happy that you were blessed with wonderful parents.

Gary said...

It is funny how you and your mom look somewhat alike. I remember when I first met your mom, I said, "Yes, I can tell!" That was before I knew you were adopted.

Nyssaneala said...

Happy Adoption Day!

I'm adopted too, and growing up people told my family all the time that I looked just like my dad. :) My grandmother even said it once, forgetting the adoption bit.

Malady said...

Hi Nyssaneala!

Isn't that funny? Makes you wonder about the whole nature/nurture thing, doesn't it?