Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Grumpy Kitty

Well, Toulouse has managed to sprain his elbow. Gary just took him to the doctor which Toulouse loathes. He never really minded the vet until he had to go and get several teeth pulled. Ever since then, he throws a hissy fit when he has to go there. The vet said he has lost almost a pound which is good. (he was a little plump) Gary said there were two cages of kittens in the office and Toulouse hissed at the kittens. And then, for good measure, he hissed at a PHOTO of a cat on the wall of the examination room.

Poor grumpy kitty!


Literary Feline said...

How did Toulouse sprain his elbow? Was it in a jump? Poor kitty! I hope he has a quick recovery.

Malady said...

Hi Litty Kitty! Toulouse thanks you for your kind wishes.

We suspect that our naughty kitty was sneaking onto the kitchen counter and heard us coming which precipitated a daring leap from the counter to the floor. Perhaps a leap that was TOO high. He looks pretty pitiful limping around but I knitted him a new cat toy that appears to make him happy.

Bookfool said...

Well, at least he kept you entertained at the vet's. LOL I forget how passive and sweet my kitties have always been, till they mention that a lot of cats will try to slash when they're removed from their carriers or will spread their legs when put into them. Sunshine actually liked to play in her carrier and Spooky just needs a little nudge. Both complain(ed) on the drive, but have(had) favorite music that soothes them. Is that odd?