Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weekend Plans

We are going to the county fair tomorrow after our swimming lesson. This will be our third swimming lesson and so far so good! Noodlebug loves the water but is having too much fun to understand how to close his mouth. I figure that this year will just be an introduction to the water and we'll focus on technique next year when he is two.

I'm excited to go to our little local county fair because I can't wait to see Noodlebug's reaction to everything. I have nothing new to say on the subjects of motherhood and children but I will say that one of the greatest things about children is their capacity for wonder. Everything is new. Noodlebug will point at things that I would normally walk past without noticing. I happen to be one of those hyperactive multitaskers and it can be hard for me to sit still. I am trying to take a page from Noodlebug's book and slow down and notice the little things. As Ferris Bueller pointed out, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."

So, I vow tomorrow that I will slow down and take in all the fair has to offer from funnel cakes to stinky (but wonderful) livestock.

Hope you all have a slow and wonder-filled weekend!!!


Literary Feline said...

Have a great time, Amy! I'm planning a quiet weekend at home. Maybe I'll get some good reading time in. :-)

Marie said...

that's awesome, i hope you had fun. i love county fairs. ours in october, at the beginning of the month. i've been going ever since i was a baby and now my husband goes with me. so much fun! :-)

Amy said...

Litty Kitty--Hope you had a great weekend with lots of reading time!!!

Marie--I just love fairs. I grew up going to the State Fair of Texas every year but I really liked our little county fair. Not crowded, plenty of shade and lots of activities for little ones.