Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Notes in the Margin

My baby is TWO today.  How did that happen?

I have been busy with birthday party planning but I am still reading! I have a few chunksters I'm working on. I am in the middle of THE PASSAGE by Cronin.  I have been saving it because the buzz has been so good. I'm a little worried. I'm not really enjoying it so far. It is a cross between THE STAND by Stephen King and THE STRAIN by Del Toro and Hogan and I"m not sure that's a good thing.  I'm only halfway through, though. so there is still plenty of time.  I am also working on CUTTING FOR STONE by Verghese and SEASON OF SECOND CHANCES by Meier.  I am slowly slowly slowly making a dent in that huge bookpile next to my bed.

For now, I am going to celebrate two blessed years with my beamish boy.  My birthday is next Tuesday. But I think we may ignore that one.

Pssstttt....Don't tell Noodlebug but this is what he is getting this afternoon:


Gary said...

I, too, can hardly believe two years have gone by since I got that call from you announcing Aidan's birth. Wow!

I'm feeling reflective and introspective today, so allow me to say how important you are to me, Amy. Happy almost-35th birthday!

Anonymous said...