Thursday, October 16, 2003

I had the wonderful experience of hearing Michael Moore speak at the University of Denver last night. Me and 7000 of my closest liberal friends. He didn't use a canned speech. He just sort of talked about whatever crossed his mind. When he was talking about Fox News Channel, he borrowed someone's cell phone from the audience and tried to call Sean Hannity. His secretary refused to put Michael through because she didn't know who he was. All of the Denver news stations and the Denver Post boycotted Michael's appearance. He used the cell phone to call the KUSA assignment desk and ask why the station wasn't covering the appearance. He made the guy really mad. Michael ended up talking for two hours. It was really great. His new book, "Dude, Where's My Country?" will debut at #1 on the NYTimes Bestseller List this weekend. His new movie, "Fahrenheit 9-11" will come out next fall. Mike issued the call to all of us to get active and involved in our political system. I have decided to start looking into how to become a precinct delegate. We'll see what happens.

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