Monday, October 13, 2003

So, I went to this legislative advocacy training session at the Children's Hospital this past Friday. I was attending through the Junior League. It was such a great experience. We got to listen to this fantastic speaker on advocacy named Nancy Amidei. We learned all about grassroots organizing and lobbying. I learned so much and got really fired up. Here I am, a voting politically active citizen, and I know so little about the whole legislative process. And I never contact my representatives and senators about issues that are important to me. I will now, though. The whole thing really made me think of my grandfather who worked in the Texas State House of Representatives. I wonder who lobbied him and what decisions he had to make. It's so interesting and I'm so proud he was a part of that. Maybe that's where I get my interest in politics. If we really want to be true Americans and exercise our rights, we need to get involved and not wait around for things to change. I joined the Children's Hospital advocacy network and look forward to making my voice heard.

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