Wednesday, October 01, 2003

My 10 year reunion is this weekend. I have this secret desire that it will be just like Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. But since Brad won't be joining me (and he's my Romy), I kind of doubt it. None of my friends are going so I will have to face the music alone. I thought about getting a haircut, a facial, liposuction etc. but then I figured, what am I trying to prove? Who cares anymore? The fact is I have a master's degree I don't use, a less-than-glamorous job and I'm still unmarried without children. How impressive is that? But, I do have a fabulous house. I live in Denver. I have good friends and family. I'm a member of a church, the Junior League and the Hash House Harriers. That's saying something, isn't it? I guess I won't know until I get to the reunion. There will be three events. I'll try to make all of them. Just in case. My friend Ellen recently had her reunion. You can read about it at her Sugar in the Raw blogspot. It seems like hers went better than expected. Maybe I'll take a tip from her and wear fancy underwear.

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