Thursday, October 09, 2003

Sorry my blog yesterday was so gloomy. I suppose I had to get it out of my system. I guess I went to the reunion with certain expectations and I was disappointed. I just wanted things to be different and they weren't. But that's okay. Maybe it would be a bigger deal if I lived in Dallas where I would be more likely to run into those people.

Today I am focusing on the beautiful fall weather. It's 80 degrees outside and the leaves have changed. They are beautiful! We had a clear sky and full moon last night. I thought about dancing by the light of that moon...just like the owl and the pussycat.

I'm going to a Junior League event tonight to kick off event planning for our Intrigue: The Fire and ISES Gala event in November. It will be my very first gala event. I'm looking at it as a costume party. Only my costume will be a cocktail dress. I'm thinking of wearing my bridesmaid dress from Maya's wedding. I think Junior League is good for me. It offers me lots of good training experiences and the chance to participate in voluntary efforts that really make a difference. Tomorrow, I will be going to a training session on legislative advocacy. I think Junior League will teach me a lot. I hope to take some classes on leadership skills throughout the coming year. There is something about being a part of this group and learning valuable skills that really makes me feel empowered. I can use all of that I can get.

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