Monday, July 11, 2005

So, yesterday the sermon in church was about the parable of the seeds. It talks about how God spreads the seeds of his message on different types of soil and describes how that message is received. I always think of myself when He describes the messages that falls among the thorns. The message is received but gets choked out by the daily concerns of the world. Some people would say that Christ is wasting his message by spreading over so many different types of people. In Jesus' time, the Jews were very upset that this message was given to the Gentiles as well. Lucky for us, Jesus didn't listen.

I think evangelism is the hardest part about being a Christian. It can be really scary to share your faith with other people because you never know how they will respond. A lot of people have been very contempuous of my beliefs. And that's fine. We don't all have to believe the same thing. But I just wish everyone could feel the things I feel through my faith. It feels me with such hope and happiness. Like all things really are possible.

I've been thinking lately about how I might want to go to seminary someday. I don't think I would every actually preach because I don't really feel worthy enough to be a pastor. But I'd like to learn more about my faith. I was very excited to learn that there is something called the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary.'s in the San Francisco Bay Area. I couldn't believe it. God definitely has plans for me there.


thegodlesscommunist said...

The school is in Berkeley, a very doable place.

I suppose it would be foolish and greedy of me to wonder if there is any real money to be made as a Pastor...................
But , if ANYBODY is worthy to preach the good word, it is you Amy.

On that note, if you do go to seminary , then you would be morally obligated to take my name when we get married. I mean, how could we pass up the opportunity to have a Reverend or Pastor Fusco in family?

Malady said...

You're funny, sweetie.
What could be crazier than a Pastor MALAISE?