Thursday, August 11, 2005

I feel really frustrated right now. You always here that employers value people who take initiative but I'm beginning to think that's not true.

I just handled an irate customer who had two overdue books that were due in early June. She had accrued the maximum fine. Theses items had a grace period of 39 days but she still couldn't get them in on time. Now, two months later, she brings them in and she's pissed that she has to pay a fine. She thinks the library should send phone calls and notices galore. We sent her one notice and she felt that wasn't enough. So, I tell her it's her responsibility to get things in on time and that even if she had returned them 39 days late she STILL wouldn't have had to pay a fine. But over two months late require a fine. So, she's pissed but she pays the fine. Then, my boss walks over and gives the woman back her money. Right in front of me. Thus, undermining anything that I had done. Thanks a lot. That is really supporting your staff.

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