Monday, November 28, 2005

Back from Thanksgiving

So, I just got back from my Thanksgiving trip and it was really quite nice. Mom and I went to the Mrs. Grossman's sticker factory which was a lot of fun! I collected Mrs. Grossman's stickers when I was in elementary school and it was fun to see where they are made. We also went to the Petaluma Historical Society and a bunch of antique stores. Gary fixed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Mom left early Saturday and just missed seeing Santa come to town on a riverboat. We couldn't really see him because of the crowd. Then, there was a short parade of vintage wagons and people on horses. Gary and I also check out the new de Young museum in Golden Gate park which was wonderful. Can't wait to go back. Now, I just have to get ready for Christmas. Luckily, I only have two presents left to buy. The rest are already wrapped and under the tree!


Genevieve said...

I love factory tours! Did they give you samples?

Amy M. said...

Vieve, you would love it! You have to go when you come for the wedding. The tour is $3 and lasts about an hour. You get a sticker craft at the end and they give you free stickers and a $3 coupon. And the factory store has stuff you can't find anywhere else!

Genevieve said...

I'm so there!