Thursday, December 01, 2005

The End is Near

Only 24 days of work left. Hard to believe.

I've been thinking about the eight years I have spent in this town and I feel a little depressed when I think about how little I have to show for it. If things went bad with me and Gary, I would not come back to Denver. I would go home to Texas. Because there really isn't much left here for me. I have a handful of friends, a job I hate and a lovely home. I was just thinking about what it will be like to come back here for my bridal shower and I thought, "Who will even come?" I only have about five friends. And that is after working really hard on joining groups and organizations and making a real effort. Unless you are married or a mom or both, it is hard to make friends as an adult. So, part of me is really looking forward to starting over in a new city with the things I have learned here. I really want to hit the ground running. I've already joined several young professionals groups supporting the art museum, ballet and opera. And I plan on transferring to the League out there which might help. And joining a church. But I don't want to be as isolated there as I have felt here. I hope this will be the start of a new era for me as well as a new decade.

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Genevieve said...

I think it's just as hard for people who are married or parents to make new friends, too. My friends who are married or moms seem to have less friends than me, in general. Kate goes to a mom's club and she likes the people there, but she doesn't see them outside of the mom's club. I think it's just hard to make friends, period, and it's something you have to work at.