Monday, December 05, 2005

Friends in Distant Lands

Back in Texas, we had some family friends named the Talkingtons. When I moved to Colorado, it turned out that both of the Talkington sisters were living in Denver. And one worked with me! Kim eventually got married and left the library to join the Wycliffe Bible Translators with her husband. They are living in Tanzania doing bible translation and missionary work and have since had a baby named Tessa. I was looking at their website this morning and thinking about what a wonderful experience that must be. I have a master's in anthropology but I have never lived and worked in a foreign country. I think the Hills are so brave to head out with a baby into Africa to do this work. Part of me wishes I could do something like that. Although I doubt I could convince Gary to work in a third world country. Anyway, here is their website:

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