Monday, December 19, 2005

Jesus He Knows Me

A Genesis greatest hits CD came through the library recently and I had to take it home. They have one song that I really love called "Jesus He Knows Me." Do you know it? The video is great. Evidently, when Genesis was in the United States a long time ago, they saw a televangelist on t.v. and thought it was a joke. They just couldn't believe it and eventually wrote a song about the phenomenon. It's all about the sometime hypocrisy of that format of religion. And also of individuals who claim to have a more significiant relationship with God than the rest of us. One that makes them a mediator on our behalf. For a price. My favorite line is "If you want to get closer to Him, get on your knees and start paying."

I think I got so mad at Pat Robertson recently because I don't feel anyone has the right to speak for God. Or to pass judgment on God's behalf. The great thing about the Protestant Reformation is that it allowed us all to have our own personal relationship with God and to interpret scripture for ourselves. I don't pretend to know the truth of everything and I don't pretend to speak for God. I can only express what I believe. And I spend time every day trying to puzzle out different issues of faith. I think it's okay to have doubts. If you go through life blindly accepting everything and never thinking about it, then it's hard to grow in your faith. I don't think God is probably afraid of a little challenge now and then.

I think so many Christians live in fear. They think of themselves as human Jenga games where if one piece gets taken out (ie. Creationism) then the whole faith structure will topple. The idea is to build a strong base and keep thinking and working on your faith. Then, you'll be okay.

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Genevieve said...

did you know the first rock concert I ever went to was Genesis? I was in 6th grade.