Wednesday, December 07, 2005


All of my friends have their holiday decorations up and it made me think about how our personalities are reflected in our choice of decorations. My friend Sara is really into interior design and fashion. Her house looks like it fell out of Pottery Barn. Perfect lighted garland around the door. A tree covered in cascading ribbons with wire that can be adjusted. A beautiful table with matching plates and candles. And, because of her job at Barnes and Noble, children's book-themed ornaments. My friends Amy and Greg have a traditional tree. A real tree with colored lights and ornaments they have collected over the years. Each one means something to them. My tree is fake because I just have issues about cutting down and throwing out a tree after a month. I use only white lights and bubble lights and I use vintage ornaments from the forties and fifties. The ones on the garland I string throughout the house are my grandparents'. I really like old things that have meaning behind them. This is probably why I love going through antique stores. I like to think that things have history and to try and guess what that history might be. I also like old houses and can't imagine living in a recently built one. I'm not sure where this propensity for used/old things comes from. But it's fun to see how our personalities come out in the places where we live.


Amy H. said...

FYI -- According to a recent article in Organic Life magazine, the chemicals and the manufacturing process used in creating artificial trees is worse for the environment than cutting down a living tree. Greg and I get our live tree from a tree farm and it gets recycled in January. (The city of Denver turns Xmas trees into garden mulch.) So getting a real tree and recycling it is the tree-hugging thing to do.

Malady said...

I have no doubt you are right. I just like my artificial tree. I've had it for years and I don't have to buy a new one every year. And I can bend the branches as needed for aesthetic purposes. I'm weird like that.

Amy H. said...

You're crazy! ;)