Friday, November 07, 2003

I saw a sneak preview of "Love Actually" last night. What a charming film! If you like British comedies a la Bridget Jones, you'll probably love it. I can already hear critics calling it "the feel good movie for the holidays." My one problem with it is its implausibility. Several people in the film go through major relationships ending and then pick up with someone new in a matter of days. I just don't buy that. And only two of the characters don't have a storybook ending. But it is still a very likeable escapist kind of film. No one ponders any particularly deep issues and no one suffers any regrets over their past relationships. It should have been a Disney film.

Speaking of regrets....I think that is one of the most common things people say about their lives. "I just want to live my life without any regrets." Is that possible? I'm not sure. I look back on my short life so far and I already have regrets. I have lots of regrets about college. I loved college. But I didn't do it right. I should have spent more time studying. And I should have made different friends. I chose the wrong friends. At that time, it seemed to be the right decision. But they ended up betraying me. I joined a sorority for the experience. I figured if I didn't like it, I could always quit. Well, I found out I had negatively stereotyped sororities. Not all of them were bad. I actually met some really nice intelligent women. But I didn't take advantage of my time in a sorority because none of my friends had joined one. I wanted to maintain solidarity with them. Well, I'm only friends without about two of my college buddies now. And when I see some of my former sorority sisters here in Denver, they are so kind and friendly. But the opportunity to really bond with them and enjoy parties and college dating etc is over. I opted out of all of that out of some misplaced loyalty to people who didn't even really care about me. If I could do something over, I would definitely do college over and really take advantage of the experience in ways that I didn't the first time around. Of course, that's just the beginning of my regrets, but it is one that really stands out in my mind. I wonder if I would be in a different place now if I had experienced college life differently.

I'm going to keep putting comment markers on each of my blogs so you people better start commenting. Otherwise, I just feel like I'm ranting in a makeshift journal instead of trying to share thoughts with other people.

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