Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Well, Halloween has come and gone. I think I'm going to start celebrating Day of the Dead instead. What a wonderful way to remember those who have passed on. And I love the altars and the sugar skulls and the Day of the Dead figures. It sort of makes death more of a part of life. I think we develop this fear of death in our culture. Well, it's also a fear of the unknown. But if you just accept death as part of the life cycle and bring it into culture, it becomes a little less scary. After all, it is inevitable. I think we are more bothered by not knowing exactly what is going to happen. Of course, religion helps us out there.

Speaking of religion, who out there has read the "Da Vinci Code." What is the dealio with that book? People are fascinated by it. Is it the puzzles? The art? The Holy Grail quest? The sacred feminine? The great cover-ups of the church? What is attracting people to this book? I can't figure it out. The story is mediocre but the material is interesting. I think people love a good conspiracy. And religion is always a hot topic. People are constantly searching for answers. I think some people may be shocked by what is in the book but I think that you can strip away all the mystery and the supernatural and still have something extraordinarily meaningful and transformative in Christianity. But that's just me.

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