Monday, November 27, 2006

A Good Time was Had by All

Well, we had a nice Thanksgiving. My friends Andy and Jen came down and one of my co-workers also joined us so we had six for dinner. Gary cooked a wonderful meal. The turkey was great and we all fell into a food coma after the meal. My mom's trip was great. We all had a good time together which made me really happy.

I was catching up on my celebrity gossip today (I's one of my flaws) and I sighed out loud after discovering the latest celeb divorce. (Pam Anderson and Kid Rock) Not that I particularly care about that couple but it seems like divorce is the trend lately. The only marriage we have seen is the unholy union between Katie Holmes....I mean Kate Cruise and Tom Cruise. Everyone else is getting divorced. And now, Britney and Paris are best friends?! It's a very scary time in celebrity-land.

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