Monday, November 20, 2006

The Turkey Cometh

Well, Gary and I have been frantically trying to get the house ready for my mother's arrival tomorrow. It seems like the boxes are multiplying behind our backs. I went into the garage yesterday and burst into tears. We have been working so hard and everything still seems chaotic. I just wish I could take a few days off and really get out in the garage and work. But, we'll get there eventually.

We are going to have seven people at our table this Thanksgiving. My mom is coming from Texas and a family friend from San Francisco. Then, we'll have a couple from nearby and one of my work colleagues who didn't have a place to go. It should be an interesting bunch. I love entertaining, so I'm looking forward to it.

Today, it is cloudy and cold outside so it is making me feel sluggish and sleepy. I need to find some energy, though. I have to take a group of preschoolers on a tour of the library in half an hour. Wish me luck!!!

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Genevieve said...

it's cool that you are hosting Thanksgiving! I have never hosted a family holiday. I'm sure it will be great and you will have lots of fun.