Monday, November 13, 2006

Here it comes...

I was notified this morning that I will have the first of two provisional evaluations next month. I've been through this before. It seems like most jobs now have a typically six month provisional period for new employees where either one of you can part ways with no repercussions. (except the loss of your job!) After that, it tends to be a lot harder to get rid of an employee. So basically, my first six months are an extended audition.

I find myself really worried about these evaluations. I want to do a good job. But it's hard to know what people are thinking about you. And, because I'm an emotional person, I worry that I will break down in an evaluation if there is negative feedback. Isn't that silly? Nothing says "nut job" like a high-strung employee who starts to cry after receiving less than stellar feedback. But that's just the sort of tightly wound person I am. (remember my knitting story?)

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Genevieve said...

I'm sure you will do fine!